cantiere praga

Construction of a new area of several residential buildings and services

Address: OAKS – PRAGA (CZ)

Client: Impresa Rizzani De Eccher


1. Plastering and shaving works:

  • Laying of suitable anchoring primers on all masonry and horizons;
  • Construction of fibre-reinforced plaster on partitions and perimeter walls;
  • Creation of decorative shutters on plasters with plaster cutting and laying of special profiles;
  • Fine skimming of all previously plastered surfaces;
  • Fine skimming of all horizons previously treated with anchoring agent;

2. Works with dry construction system:

  • Laying of architectural false ceilings with certified system and Knauf material;
  • Laying of partitions with certified system and Knauf material;
  • Roof pitch coplanarisation with suitably anchored metal structure covered with water-repellent plasterboard;
  • Plastering of all plasterboard surfaces;

3. Painting works:

  • Preparation of all surfaces by sanding in several passes;
  • Laying of suitable fixative on surfaces;
  • Surface painting with washable and/or breathable material;

4. Flooring works:

  • Laying of lightened screed in all the rooms of the various buildings made with cellular concrete;
  • Laying of thermo-insulating mattress on all living surfaces;
  • Laying of soundproofing material with a thickness of 3,00 centimetres;
  • Laying of perimeter band suitable for the expansion of screeds and floors;
  • Screed suitable for the direct installation of anhydrite additive floorings;

5. Ventilated facade construction works:

  • Laying of metal structure for subsequent installation of cladding panels;
  • Laying of thermal insulation material adhering to the perimeter walls;
  • Laying of cladding panels fixed on previously laid metal structure;

6. Coat” covering works:

  • Preparation of all laying surfaces by blowing and/or hydro-cleaning;
  • Laying of thermal insulation panels properly anchored by applying adhesive material and mechanical fixing to the perimeter walls;
  • Shaving of the panels with two “passes” of suitable material with a glass fibre reinforcement net in between;
  • Preparations of the shaved surfaces with clinging material;
  • Laying of finishing material in order to achieve the required architectural effect;