Excavating and earthmoving

As they are core activities for any type of work that we carry out, we are able to perform excavations in all types of soil, we are personally involved in the coordination of all related administrative practices such as the soil analysis, the management and eventual reuse of the soil, or the transport of soil by our meansto the designated sites for reuse and/or elimination.

Structural works

We buildposts, foundations and retaining walls, special anchors, and we work to restore functionality static structures and for the consolidation of soils.


Interior and exterior walls. Works on the interior and exterior surfaces are made quickly and include all the finishing works like plastering, painting and installation of coating.


Agora does all the work of internal and external plastering, from the basement to the roof. We use only materials of the highest quality and we employ qualified staffwho provides an execution in the rules of art and maximum accuracy in meeting deadlines. In addition to plastering on new buildings, we are specialized in the restoration of facades. We use high quality traditional systems, as well as special plasters for the restoration of walls affected by moisture, both internal and external, and plasters for renovation or maintenance of historic buildings whose facades are protected by architectural constraints that must meet special requirements.


Plasterboard is a building material used in the lightweight construction because its application is quick and it has special thermo-acoustic qualities. It is sold in panels of 1.2 x 2 meters, but it can be found in various sizes such as 1.2 × 3. In countries like France and England its dimensions are 1.25 x 1.5. Its thickness varies according to the demand, because they exist dozens of panels with different characteristics. In Italy the most common thickness is 12.5mm. In addition to thermal and acoustic properties, it should be recalled that plasterboard is fireproof and waterproof.

False ceilings

The false ceiling has always been an element of our indoor environments. Normally, the idea that we have of this element is that of a coating, almost always horizontal, whose task is to resize environments through a reduction in the ceiling or simply to create a decorative effect. Many times it is customized according to your tastes, with different heights in order to break the monotony of a large environment and to create light effects. The false ceiling is crucial especially when it is used to mask facilities. In fact, it allows the passage of electricity, air conditioning and lighting, while facilitating arrangement thereof. It can also be used where there is the need to increase thermal insulation, sound insulation and protection in case of fire. Please remember that building regulations, which vary from one municipality to the other, indicate the minimum heights to be observed. Several false ceiling systems are on the market to meet the different demands, each one with different characteristics depending on the purpose (decorative, support, etc.). The different types of false ceilings on the market are: plasterboards, mineral fiber, aluminum strips, aluminum or steel panels, grills and stretch ceiling.

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